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Since foundation of Takeei Group in 1977, we have worked to become a “Comprehensive Environment Management Enterprise” that is able to provide prompt responses to the diverse needs of customers. Our path to this goal began with operations involving retrieval, transport and processing of waste materials. However, we understood we could do much more and therefore began broadening our horizons by developing, expanding and enhancing environmental solution operations. These operations provide customers with total problem-solving strategies relating to supporting for reduction of waste material generation and recycling of resources.

Furthermore, in conforming to strengthened regulations and other rapidly changing market conditions, Takeei Group is actively engaging in M&A, while building cooperation and collaboration with other enterprises. Our objective here is to further expand the nature of our business and to create new markets through synergy effects shared with enterprises in similar and entirely different business sectors.

Society today is appealing for measures to support biological diversity and combat global warming. Future growth is anticipated for the environmental business sector. One step at a time, Takeei Group continues to work toward realizing a vision of becoming a recycling industrial group with a core presence in environmental business, and a leading company with an unshakeable position in the industry.

Management Philosophy

Aim to Contribute to a Sound Material-Cycle Society

As a comprehensive environment management enterprise and based on our belief in harmony with nature and coexistence with local communities, we will contribute to a sound material-cycle society through the establishment of recycling technologies that meet diverse needs and the enhancement of our facilities.

Management Vision

Expand Environment-Related Business

In order to promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and proper processing of waste, we will place a greater focus on the waste materials processing and recycling business while expanding the consulting business and engineering business that contribute to environmental protection.

Expand the Renewable Energy Business∗

Centered around our power generation and retail business that provides clean energy produced using locally sourced fuel, we will expand the renewable energy business through initiatives such as forest management that aims to conserve the forest owned by the Company and self-procure fuel chips, and the application of the excess heat produced while generating power to business related to agriculture, forestry, fisheries, etc.

∗The Renewable Energy Business is focusing business resources on carbon-neutral woody biomass power plants that contribute to mitigating global warming.

Contribute to Society Through Environmental Protection

To protect and pass on to the next generation the rich lands, forests and seas that comprise Only One Earth®, we will contribute to the achievement of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) aimed at solving social issues such as the recycling of resources and climate change.

Strengthen the Relationship with Stakeholders

As our goal of benefitting all sides, including sellers, buyers, society and the environment, we will promote communication with all stakeholders involved with the Company, which include shareholders, customers and employees, as well as nearby residents, local communities, governmental organizations, financial institutions, etc., and strengthen a balanced relationship.